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In 2011, we started Homestyle Gourmet Food and Catering in Charlotte, NC. In a effort to promote the company,

we began giving out free desserts with our business cards. Our intent was to blow people away with our dessert so that

they would be intrigued  about our catering company. The result was overwhelming requests for dessert!

We soon realized that we needed to give the people what they wanted, 

HG Dessert Bar! 


Homestyle Gourmet Dessert Bar was started in 2013 and since then we've had the pleasure of serving our delicious dessert creations to the Charlotte, NC area. In addition to our traditional desserts, put the "Bar" in your "Dessert-Bar" with our

Alcohol Infused Cupcakes!


We gratefully accepted the "People's Choice Award" at the 2016 Sweets Showcase presented by the Charlotte Dance Marathon. 

At the event people raved over our dessert table display and requested that we add it as an additional service. Of course, we always give our customers what they want,

Dessert Bar Display Tables! 


We appreciate all of the positive feedback and we encourage you to try all of our original desserts. The taste will stay with you, long after the dessert has gone! Please contact HG Dessert Bar if you have any questions regarding prices or services. What are you waiting for? Make your taste buds happy and contact us today! 


Thank you for visiting our website!



HG Dessert Bar

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